My background...

I've been a physical therapist for about 15 years, and in that time I've treated tens of thousands of patients of all ages and from all athletic backgrounds.

11 of those years have been devoted to properly and carefully fitting people to their bicycles.

There are no cookie cutter solutions in my Studio, and I take great pride in being thorough with my assessments, as well as patient in answering my client's questions.

Working hard (in my "unfit" state) on the Colorado Nat'l Monument
I believe my background as a physical therapist gives me an edge in assessment in bike fitting that can't be equaled in any course that teaches bike fitting.  The deeper familiarity and knowledge that a PT especially gets is nearly impossible to equal in this industry.

(I've long said that I think most people would be better off getting a bike fit from a physical therapist that knew only a little about bikes than someone who knows a lot about bikes but doesn't have the academic or clinical background of a PT).

While I clearly still believe that seeing people one-on-one and in person is the best way to perform a bike fit, access to qualified bike fit professionals is so limited, and I've found that this online method, while inferior to the fits I do in my Studio, is still superior to the fittings coming from non-professionals out there.

In my very spare free time I love to bike and run as much as I can (although I don't have time to race too much lately) but my favorite pastime is spending time with my wife Kari, and two sons, Sam and Will.

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