Online Bike Fitting

I sincerely hope you don't need my online service.

I would much rather everyone be able to come see me in my custom fit studio for a bike fit.....but that's just not possible.

If you're looking into getting a bike fit, you might be able go to your local bicycle shop for one, but you're going to get someone who knows more about bikes than they do about the human body and how it moves.

There is a new breed in the bike industry out there -- the medical bike fit professional, hallmarked with unique traits:
  • an advanced degree in some area of human movement science
  • an abiding love of bikes
  • a solitary goal of getting clients as efficient and comfortable on their bikes as possible -- NOT trying to sell you a bunch of parts you don't need
There are only a handful of us out there.  (check HERE to see if you live near one of these exceptional movement specialists -- if you do then, please, GO SEE THEM!)

If you don't have one in your area, we can help.  You're in good hands....this is what we do.  Ready to get started?   Find out what the next step is.