Should I get a Bike Fit?

You should get a Bike Fit if:

  • you have discomfort or true pain on the bike -- pain is not the norm, despite what some road bikers will tell you.  Pain tells us that something is not right -- it's a very reliable indicator that a change needs to be made
    • many riders coming in for a bike fit don't mention pain or discomfort until I start to run through the list of the more common areas, and they are reminded of an issue -- visit our  Common Aches & Pains page
  • when riding at hard efforts you experience uneven muscle fatigue or burning:
    • for example, many cyclists experience burning in their quads, while the rest of their legs feel fresh.  But this is merely one example; the calf muscles, hip muscles, etc, can also experience this

  •  You're just not sure you're getting all the efficiency out of your position
    • a  number of clients just feel "off" on the bike or want to double check that they're not missing anything.  It's not easy to fit yourself 100% of the way, and a second set of skilled eyes can go a long way

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